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Windows, Skylights, Awnings, Glass Cleaning

Windows & Glass
At Black & White we take glass cleaning seriously and, as one of our premier services, nothing less than quality service is acceptable. We provide a crystal-like squeegee finish to accessible windows, and offer other methods for those hard to reach ones. We challenge all types of glass cleaning under four stories so whether your residential, commercial, strata or property management give us a call.

What is your challenge?

Power, Pressure Washing. Driveway Cleaning.

Pressure Washing

Every fall, winter and spring it rains. Vancouver's vast amount of rainfall causes the growth of a variety of different kinds of algae, mould, and moss which accumulate and attach themselves on, and around your home. This can cause damage to your roof and siding and also create slippery and dangerous conditions. Pressure washing of these areas properly each year is highly recommended.

The words "pressure washing" often raise questions to many homeowners. Damage resulting from this method of cleaning isn't due to the pressure washer, its the inexperience of the person using it. Our technicians are educated in the different types of materials used to build a home and therefore understand the amount of pressure needed to clean them properly and safely.


We specialize in pressure washing the following materials:

ROOFS: Asphalt, concrete, tile, and cedar shake
SIDING: Wood, vinyl, concrete, rock, and stucco
GENERAL: Asphalt, concrete, aggregate, wood, interlocking brick walkways, stairwells,driveways, patios, fascia boards and exterior gutters.

Pressure washing these surfaces can cause an over spray of dirt and debris that often get missed in the clean up. Not with us! Our technicians are trained to clean up and rinse down any and all areas affected and ensure that they are left looking better than when we arrived. Keeping your neighbors happy :)

please browse our before/after photos to really see the difference on various materials.

Gutter Services

Gutter cleaning, maintenance and repairs.

Are the gutters on your house causing you problems? Many people do not know how important it is to have a clean and running gutter system. Overflowing gutters can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home and often ends up costing you much more in repairs than the price of regular contracted cleaning. Our technicians are trained to clean out the system, flush it and note any potential repairs or problems. This will allow them to discuss these issues with you, if you're home, or relay it to the office and we can email that information to you later. The most common method we use for cleaning your gutters is by hand; removing the accumulated debris, putting it into buckets, and taking it to later recycle. After all the debris is out of the gutters we flush out the system with water. The "flushing" is a step not used by the majority of our competitors. It allows us to attain a full diagnosis of the effectiveness of your system. We check the following:

  1. Proper sloping! Often homes will settle and that settling affects the slope of the gutters. This can cause overflow problems which can lead to more problems.. We will remove and re slope the gutter to drain towards the down pipe, as it should.
  2. Flush the downpipes themselves to ensure that they are clean and allowing the water to flow properly to the drainage below.
  3. The condition of the silicone in the corners and on the end caps. Silicone can dry up and break apart after years in Vancouver weather conditions. If new silicone is needed we can certainly assist you with that.

With this information our team can give you any necessary recommendations to update or upgrade your system to avoid any potential water damage in the future. We also clean the exterior of the gutters.

Please have a look at some before/after photos to help you decide just what you may need for your system.

Roof Repairs & Cleaning Services

Roof Cleaning

We previously mentioned roof cleaning in our pressure washing section but not all home owners prefer this method. We offer alternate methods to clean the moss and mold from your roof.

Sweeping the roof and help control the moss growth on the roof but doesn't kill the roots of the moss. This method is less expensive and definitely improves the curb appeal of the property. Moss inhibitor is a chemical used to spray the roof after a sweep cleaning. This will kill the roots left behind and also kill the mold growth that the sweeping cannot do.


Roof Repairs

With the heavy rainfall on the wetcoast, unexpected leaks causing interior water damage can occur. The majority of roof leaks can be located and repaired quickly preventing a large cost to you, e.g., cracked, missing or dislodged tiles.

Be careful! Some roofing companies may suggest a new roof when a quick repair is all you need. We can inspect the roof and give you an idea on how many years you have left, giving you some peace of mind and time to budget ... instead of dipping into that emergency fund!

please see before/after pics from the gallery

Exterior Siding & House Washing

Exterior Siding & House Washing

Living in this environment with all the construction, traffic and long damp winters causes unsightly mold/moss that grows on and around our homes. B&W technicians are trained to properly clean multiple styles of siding, where nothing is damaged and the property is left looking great.

Our service stands out when considering the possible negative impacts of pressure washing; Knowing the correct pressure to use is of the utmost importance. Watching out for forced water under doorways, inside soffits or around open windows is also very essential. Often these little things can cause big problems! Especially if the techs are not considering these things before starting to pressure wash; e.g., water under the doorway with hardwood flooring inside, which If left unattended can cause warping and damage to the wood.

Please have a look at some before/after pics for more examples of siding cleaning & exterior house washing.

Moss and Mildew Removal

Moss and Mildew Removal

Please refer to our pressure washing services and/or before/after pics


They say a picture is worth a thousand words...


Our employees provide unmatched service, delivering top quality help and support for your property! Our employees are certified in Fall Protection and we are committed to working safely.

We tailor our services around your property needs. We can even make it easy on you by providing Annual Maintenance Programs. For more information on the Annual Maintenance programs please call the office at 778-928-7868


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Andy K - Andy Kilfillen, CEO BWPM


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Before and After – Asphalt shingle cleaning
Before and After – stucco siding algae removal.
Before and After – wood decking algae removal.
Before and After – retaining wall cleaning
Exterior Gutter Cleaning
Another example of light pressure washing of Asphalt shingles done properly!
Professional Window cleaning with a squeegee for that perfect shine!
The client was very impressed from the difference to her teak table and chairs. Looks new again!
Christmas lights ˜ installation and removal
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